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Detroit Grandma refuse to be victimized on bus

Detroit, MI-What started out to be a short bus ride turned out to be the talk of the town. A local Grandmother was forced to take matters into her own hands when a would-be thug attempt to rob her while riding the bus. With the controversal talks on gun laws many now are scrambling to get their CPL's.

For the Grandmother that is thankful to have gotten hers, if not the thug would have surely taken total control over the situation. My sister Ramona Taylor-Kamate, was forced to take action when she was appoached by the young man acting as if he knew her, just to avoid the attention of other riders.

The young man pretended to have been Taylor-Kamate nephew, when she announced she didn't know him he sprung into action by grabbing a hold of her purse and tried to make a clean dash for the door, exiting the bus. But not before Taylor-Kamate put up a fight.

The two struggled on the bus, and Taylor-Kamate asked the other men on the bus for their assistance with no prevail. As the fight spilled off the bus and unto the street, the young thug made a motion toward his boot. Passengers watched on from the windows and someone shouted, " He has a gun."

Well, not taking any chances, Taylor-Kamate grabbed for her gun. What women around Detroit calls a women's best friend, a 9mm hand gun. Taylor-Kamate unloaded her clip and the young thug ran. It's not clear if he was hit, but the Detroit police is waiting to see if he show up at any hospitals to seek treatment for his possible injuries.

Besides being shaking by the whole ordeal, Taylor-Kamate was physically fine and swears she'll continue to carry her friend with her where ever she goes.

Question; Do you think teachers should be allowed to have guns in schools?

Please answer why or why not.

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