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Detroit EMS:Feds now want to know the truth behind the decline in service

Detroit, MI-"No ambulance available," a all too common statement the resident's of Detroit has been use to hearing. The emergency situation happening in Detroit has gotten the attention of more than just the local news reporters. Now Federal investigators have the intention on looking into what's causing the delay of Detroit EMS from having adequate response times.

No more broken promises will be excepted, while the residents life's teeter on the edge.

In other surrounding counties the response times for an ambulance vary from 8-10 minutes compared to Detroit, which was noted at approximately 12-30 minutes... if they show up at all.Detroit's Fox-2 News reporter Charlie LeDuff has followed this story as well as myself for over three years and nothing has changed but the administration.

Outside business people previously offered a variety of options on what could possibly help the failing system. Some had came forward to offer GPS systems to the department when medical personnel were blamed for not knowing different locations. But the problem stem far worst than blaming the road personnel. Inadequate running trucks and failed equipment for the crews is one of, if not the biggest problem the department face.

It's sad to hear about the death of someone waiting on an ambulance and even worst when it's two young children after being caught in a house fire and the fire trucks are on scene virtually begging for transport.

The story was three children were trapped in the house fire, fire personnel arrive on scene; two of the children die and one is clinging to life. Firefighter's perform CPR and continuously ask for EMS. Some twelve minutes pass and the firemen transport the child on the fire truck. Because EMS never make it on time...instead there's a EMS rig dispatched to help a men reported to have had blood in his stool.

The EMS crew dispatched to the fire get cancelled.

Abuse of the system is a major problem that the department face on regular basis. You have some resident's calling EMS for minor transports, " Because they didn't have a ride."

I have been working EMS going into my 20th year and I too have been called for something as minor as a child finger smashed in a door. When I get there, I find that pus had formed under the child's nail. And anyone with common sense know that in order for the pus to form, it was an old injury and mom wanted a ride to the doctor.

I've been told many times the reason (We) the ambulance was called is because the caller had no other form of transportation. The lack of proper equipment, broken down rigs, or inadequate transportation should never be the reason behind, " No ambulance available."

Fortunately for me I don't work Detroit EMS, but for a private instead....but many of my associates does. But the ironic thing about me not working for Detroit EMS? I still get dispatched to their calls. I see first hand what the crews face and hear the stories. I've saw them on the news, written about them, talk to other crews about them. Nothing is getting better, more families face the terrible loss of lives.

Now that the Fed's will begin their investigation let's see if there will be a difference.


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