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Detroit dating game--Pick Mi Date


Tired of online dating? I know I am, but there’s a new way to date in Detroit. Online dating may have you exhausted, tired, and irritated but a brand new website has put a new spin on classic matchmaking. Pick Mi Date is an awesome new dating service in the Detroit area. Erin Rose and Sean O’Brien are the masterminds behind this clever new dating game. Pick Mi Date is a FREE online matchmaking service set to the tune of a game show. Rose and O’Brien both love game shows and decided to shake up the online matchmaking scene and stir some hearts in the process.

Anyone can join Pick Mi Date. You can join as a contestant or as a voter. Contestants are chosen by a Pick Mi Date panel to be featured on the website. Voters will vote for the two people they want to see go on a date together.   The winners get an all-expenses paid date! The pair with the most votes will win an all expenses paid dinner at a local downtown area restaurant along with transportation and after dinner entertainment. Second and third place winners will win a double date with a round of appetizers and drinks. Fourth through seventh place couples will win a group date with appetizers and a round of drinks.  The contestants will be asked to complete a profile answering questions about likes, dislikes, and personalities. Profile questions will be made to spark interesting answers and have a different twist to the typical profile or personality evaluation. Contestants are encouraged to rally for votes through Twitter and Facebook.  Even voters who voted for the winning couple will also get a prize! How cool is that!?

Pick Mi Date partners with local business owners to promote small and local businesses in the Metro Detroit Area. Promoting these businesses along with sending dates to these establishments they may not have known of or otherwise tried, is a great way to support and network locally. Rose and O’Brien know that in today’s economy, dating is something that many people put on the back burner due to money constraints. Dinner and a couple drinks alone can cost more than $100 for one night. Pick Mi Date is helping to solve the problem of financial anxiety over going on a date, worrying if ‘he’ will pay or if ‘she’ will order the lobster.

This is a unique, super cool way to meet new people and go for a nice night on the town. Most of us don’t like game playing while dating, but I have a feeling this game will be the one to play.

 For more information or to sign up to be a contestant, or a voter, check out Pick Mi Date’s website.  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well.  If you are a local business owner wanting to get in on the Pick Mi Date magic, you can contact them here.

Photo:  Pick Mi Date


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