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Detroit Auto Show 2010 for two Part II



The top questions to ask at the Detroit Auto Show in "Car Shopping for Two Pt. 1" may need a little explanation for those partners that want to know just what their getting in to. While one partner may generally understand the nature of these questions, the other may be completely overwhelmed by the concept. Entrepreneur, electrical engineer and Detroit Native  M.F.J brought a sense of clarity to the matter as he explains his reasoning for some of these questions. Here are the answers given in a detailed one on one interview.


Q: Why is it important to know miles per gallon?

A: Its important to know your miles per gallon because you want to know how far or long you can commute with a full tank of gas.  

Q: Why does engine size matter?

A: The bigger the engine the better the speed, the more gas and in some cases better in snow.

Q: What does fully loaded mean?

A: Fully loaded is the expression used in the car sales lingo.  For example, am/fm radio/cd, power windows/locks, tilt, cruise control, leather interior, sunroof, automatic seats, and possibly heated seats. 

Q: What makes a car environmentally friendly?

A: The type of vehicle it is makes it environmentally friendly. There are four types of vehicles that automakers are pushing. These four vehicles are electric, green, hybrid, and most commonly produced gas powered vehicles. Electric vehicles run off of a battery or charge. Green uses ethanol instead of gasoline which is for better for the environment because it doesn't burn as much toxins into the atmosphere. A green vehicle also burns slower. On the other hand, a hybrid is a combination of electric and gas where it runs off of a charge but once the charge dies then the gas engine will kick in.

Q: Why don't the automakers make more cost efficient "green" cars for consumers that can't afford to buy?

A:  New technology cost more because its still being tested. Therefore it hasn't had a high enough consumer demand than the money it cost to produce it.

As a former GM engineer M.F.J has had his share of  research trends in auto sales. Even better as a veteran to marriage he knows what to as when buying a vehicle for two or more. While picking things like cars  may seem simple, marriage takes this process to a different level. The equation no longer involves just you, it is now two.


  • April 5 years ago

    Good article. I love the correlation between buying a new vehicle and marriage. And awesome questions... the engineer sure did have a lot of knowledge about vehicles!

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