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Detroit Auto Show 2010 car shopping for two


If you and your spouse are the season for car shopping January 16-24th is a great opportunity to get some very important questions answered pertaining to your next big investment as husband and wife. The auto show will be held at Cobo Center, One Washington Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan.

Attending the 2010 North American International Auto Show is significant to you and your spouse because it will broaden your knowledge base on the choices that you both have in choosing a new vehicle. The decision to buy a new vehicle should be a joint decision formed mutually through substantial observation and evidence for the current demand.  In most marriages, both parties bring their former cars into their financial ledger as either an asset or liability. Whatever the case, if the time is now to embark upon a new automobile then research must be compiled  to make the right decision for the both of you.

It  is very important that you are very careful in choosing the type of vehicle  that is durable for a lifestyle of two or more. What type of vehicle will you buy, how will it be compatible to your future family plans (children)  and what are the key elements you should look for at the Detroit Auto Show?

 Studies done by Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology show a significant percentage in the ratio  of men versus women in technical fields. These studies performed in several different countries including the U.S. show a drastic gap in the percentage of  men to women in obtaining  technical degrees. Since statistics show that men tend to be more technologically savvy, I sat down with Detroit native, electrical engineer and entrepreneur  M.F.J (given alias) to fill us in on the top questions to ask at the auto show.  M.F.J’s questions are as follow:

  1. How many miles per gallon?
  2. How big is the engine size?
  3. Does it come with a warranty?
  4. Does it come fully loaded?
  5. Is it ipod ready?
  6. Is it two door or four door?
  7. Does it have automatic locks?
  8. How much trunk space does the vehicle have?
  9. Do the seats fold or do they come out?
  10. What are the color options for this vehicle?
  11. As consumers, what precautions can we take in purchasing a product that will be fitting to our environment?

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  • Maj 5 years ago

    Great article Dawn!! Not only will the auto show bring couples together in making these types of deceisions, but it also is something that they both may be interested in. Relating this to your past article (Making his hobbies your own), this activity in a date experience that only comes around once per year. Couples should enjoy this event if they are there to invest in a vehicle or just admire they vehicles they dream to have!!!

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