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Detroit area students 'quiz to win, pray to glorify'


Detroit Bible Quizzers won 'World' in Chicago, March, 2009

Turn on the nightly news and you are bound to hear about teens in trouble.  However, one of the best kept secrets in the Detroit area is that large groups of students from all around Metro Detroit devote themselves to memorizing entire books of the Bible, year after year - 1st and 2nd Corinthians this year.  Over 20,000 kids nationwide are memorizing the same material each year, according to Bible Quiz connection.  One might wonder if the over a hundred Metro area students who choose this activity over other options available, know the meaning of 'fun'.  However, just one visit to a quiz meet is evidence enough - they not only know what fun is, but they compete with such joy and good will, families and friends turn out by the hundreds to watch them.   Active since the 70s, Detroit Bible Quizzing goes a lot deeper than the obvious joy one observes during weekly practices and monthly all afternoon quiz meets. Students compete with each other, and for the glory of God. Sportsmanship and respect are common elements in every team - in fact, it is typical for the losing team to congratulate and even cheer for, their opposing teams - because the focus is not only memorizing, but applying the Bible to their own lives. 

Jessica Matthews and Shannon Gibson taking a break between quizzes.

Detroit Bible Quizzing is comprised of churches from all over the Detroit area who compete with other leagues in the World Bible Quiz Association.  Every March, top quizzers compete in Chicago from across the nation.  Teams form in late summer, and meet for weekly practices, then compete once a month October through March.  Students from public, private and home schooling all find Bible quizzing a great way to work the Bible into their daily routine.  While it is recommended that students commit 15 minutes daily to memorizing, the top scoring students often study far more than that.  Many home schoolers utilize Bible Quizzing as their Bible class each day. Parents appreciate the focus, team work and public speaking skills that develop as a result.  Because of the memory work,  parents notice grades in all subjects tend to start going up as kids 'train their brains' to memorize and recall information effectively.

Witness the 'losing' team high five an opponent for a correct answer, or jump up to hug and share the joy of the team that just beat them, and you have proof positive that Bible quizzing develops character traits that glorify God.

Bible quizzing is difficult to describe, and more difficult to imagine as ‘fun.’  Friend Day is one way the community can come check out Bible Quizzing.  February 13th, Detroit area quizzers meet in Brighton for a regular monthly round of quiz competition, and invite friends along, to try it out.  Friends of quizzers will have an opportunity to watch and cheer during quizzes, and to get on the electric seat pads and jump for questions themselves, for a prize.  The February quiz will be held at Cornerstone Presbyterian on 9455 Hilton, in Brighton 48114.

Students from various Christian denominations join to compete every month.

 For more information:  Interested families of students ages 5-19 can email Jessica Schatz for more information about visiting and trying out quizzing on February 13th for Friend Day.  Check the website for more information about Detroit Bible Quizzing and churches that participate, or for information about starting a team at your own church for the 2010-11 school year.

What do you think?  Your comments are warmly welcomed in the comment box at the bottom of the page.


  • Trudy Lynn 5 years ago

    Sounds like fun! Too bad I'm not in the area. Electric seat pads, eh? Sounds like an improvement over the days when I participated! (1984)

  • Christine 5 years ago

    Thanks, Trudy. If you check the World Bible Quiz link in the article, you can find links to quiz leagues in your state. Many quiz masters and coaches quizzed as students, and have a tremendous (and fun!) ministry to youth as adults.

  • Dawn 5 years ago

    This article really explains Detroit Bible Quizzing and how much everyone gets out of it! Thanks!

  • Shannon Gibson 5 years ago

    This is great! As a quizzer for 6 years I can tell you that this is a perfect description of what goes on!

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