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Detox your diet

It seems like juicing and detoxing are all the rage these days, but they are actually things you should adopt into your lifestyle permanently.

I just finished a 3 week purification program and am feeling great! Cutting out ALL processed foods takes some serious will power, but it can be done with some planning and dedication!

If you don't want to do a 3 week cleanse, like I did, try these tips instead:

  1. Ween yourself off of caffeine (if you drink coffee every day and think you CAN'T function without it; you can!) Try having it every other day at first. I no longer HAVE to have coffee in the mornings.
  2. Try going meatless 1 or a few days a week. This will rule out any fast food options and help you make more healthy choices/meals at home.
  3. Water only! Start only drinking water; this will cut out all empty calories from soda, concentrated "juices", lattes, etc. Flavor it with lemon, lime, cucumber, or other fruits to change up the flavor every now and then.
  4. Try going bread less! Start using romaine lettuce for your tacos, chicken/tuna/egg salad. This will cut unnecessary gluten and calories to your diet. You can even use slices of a red/green pepper or cucumber as your "bread"!
  5. Have a handful of almonds or homemade trail mix with you for mid-day snack. Many store bought nuts and trail mixes are coated in unnecessary oils. Buy them in the bulk section, and make sure to read the ingredients and that they are unsalted.
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