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Detox dilemma?

DETOX for health!
DETOX for health!

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated and out of sync? Then come out tomorrow at 1pm to the Spirit Within U Shoppe, 4780 W. Ann Rd. Suite #4 North Las Vegas, to an enlightening Aromatherapy 101: DETOX workshop with Master herbalist and certified aromatherapist Monica Bickerstaff Riley!

We hear about the necessity of cleansing/detoxing our body temples all the time, but do you really know what it means to detox safely? What organs should you focus on, during detox, and how do you get started? "Spring is an ideal time to detox," advises Dr. Kamau Kokayi. "Our energy levels are higher in the Spring and we can leverage our body's biochemistry and physiology to succeed with our detox goals."

Revitalize with a nurturing cleanse that offers a balance of nutrition, lifestyle practices, and attunement to mindfulness.

3 Tips for Spring DETOX

  • Cut back on or eliminate meat and dairy: Meat is highly acid-forming in your body and can be a strain on the kidneys and intestines. Dairy is mucous forming.
  • Kidney restoring herbs like sea buckthorn extract powder helps heal the lungs and flaxseeds help eliminate toxic material from the intestines.
  • Drink plenty of water(half your body weight in ounces) to flush toxins. Add 3-5 drops of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil, in a glass container, to help alkalize your body chemistry and help cleanse your liver, kidneys and colon. Just one drop is all it takes to step into your wellness.

The Spirit Within U Shoppe,, offers and healing and nurturing sanctuary to learn about the synergy between mind, body and spirit.

For more information on Aromatherapy 101:DETOX, this Saturday, call 702-658-2257 or visit www.holisticunited/profile/vegasholistichealthemporium.

"Living healthy step at a time"

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