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Detour Bluegrass returns to Gopherwood

Detour Bluegrass
Detour Bluegrass
Detour Bluegrass

A certain mandolin player once said that bluegrass was serious business. If it is such serious business, then why do they always seem to be having so much fun? That question and many others may be answered this weekend in Cadillac when Detour Bluegrass takes the stage in the latest Gopherwood concert.

Tight focused harmonies and top quality instrumentals exemplify Detour Bluegrass and demonstrate why the Lansing State Journal called Detour “perhaps the best bluegrass band Michigan has yet produced”. The band is known for an original contemporary sound that dances around traditional favorites and are well into their fourth season of critical acclaim. Detour Bluegrass has recently released it’s second CD and they humbly refer to it as “an extremely good contemporary bluegrass recording”.

Detour is introducing recently added singer and guitarist Missy Armstrong to the Gopherwood crowd this weekend. Missy is a very pleasant addition to the band and sounds as if she has been playing with the boys forever. She joins Zak Bunce, who pounds out powerful lead vocals while providing the bottom for the band; Peter Knupfer as he fiddles away with a joyful intensity that must be heard to understand; Scott Zylstra playing his soulful guitar and Kevin Gaugier’s stellar banjo work. And then there is the mandolin player. If you know Jeff Rose, then nothing else needs be said. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear or meet Jeff, then you should put it on your “bucket list”. He is a rare treat, a rather good mandolin player, and a great songwriter (as witnessed by the May 2010 placement of his song -played by Detour- “My Life Just Ain’t a Bluegrass Song” at #30 on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey).

Bluegrass IS serious business, just ask Jeff. But it can also be a whole lotta fun. Do not miss the opportunity to have some fun watching serious business be done, see Detour Bluegrass on May 8th at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance ($5 for students) or $12 at the gate ($6 for students). Children under 12 are free when they attend with an adult. The concert is being held in the Cadillac Elks Club at 112 S. Mitchell in downtown Cadillac.