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Detective Comics #862-863



The Solicit:
When Batman and Batwoman each face off against a knife-wielding killer, they soon find themselves working different sides of the same case. But will they arrive in time to rescue the missing girl and stop the killer from claiming another victim? Things do not end well in "Cutter" Part 3. And in The Question, the mastermind behind the human trafficking ring and the gunrunning scheme is finally revealed, and The Question and the Huntress find themselves in the fight of their lives.

I Say:
Ignore the misleading press blurb; Bruce Wayne remains MIA in the comic books and the Dick Grayson Batman does not appear in this title. Author Greg Rucka has woven a tale of a killer who was once captured by Batman, served his sentence, and now has returned to kill again. Each page or pair of facing pages in this story contrasts flashbacks of Batman’s original investigation (often in shades of blue) with the parallel journey of Batwoman’s new war on crime (often in scarlet).

Visually dynamic and a bastion of consistently solid storytelling, the Batwoman’s run in this title remains a credit to the history of the Detective Comics banner. Good mysteries in their own right, Greg Rucka’s story arcs are broken up into tightly paced issues that each have their own clues, crises, and resolution, while still building tension for the next issue; his backup stories involving the new Question are also compelling. Jock’s art in issues #861-863 is stunning, stretching the potential of the comics page to create not only compelling art but to affect the flow of storytelling as well. It’s a fine follow-up to the visionary line work of J.H. Williams, former regular artist on this book.

Heavy with noir influences and definitely not for little kids, this is a good book with strong female characters. Now, after a ten issue run, Greg Rucka’s Batwoman will take a three month hiatus. While Rucka will continue to script the Question back-up feature, it remains unclear whether July’s issue #867 will feature the Kate Kane Batwoman or another member of the Batman family. Much ink has been spilled elsewhere on the possibility of her getting her own title. For that matter, Rucka’s rendition of the Question, former police detective Renee Montoya, deserves her own comic as well. While the fate of these characters remains in limbo, this comic and its preceding nine issues are a definite…

Verdict: HIT!


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