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Details that would help you find jobs in Lucknow

Explore the job sector of Lucknow
Explore the job sector of Lucknow
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If nothing beyond the nawabi culture or kebabs is known to you about the city Lucknow, then you have to get yourself on the task of discovering the city more. Many of you would not be aware of the growth, this Indian city has been heading towards, since the last few years. The advent of technology, which is prevalent all across the nation is even found in the Lucknow's job market. Besides, the major businesses that have been contributing well to the job creation in the city are banking, financial services, retail, real estate, and manufacturing.

As per an Assocham study, Lucknow was among the top cities that made Uttar Pradesh witness a significant rise in the job creation including the entry level positions. Out of all the six major cities in UP, Lucknow was on the top with 46% share in the new job creation. Lucknow even witnessed an increase in the entry-level opportunities, which was recorded to be over 39% in the year 2013. As per the report, most of these jobs in Lucknow were from academics sector, BFSI, construction/real estate, engineering, ITeS, telecom, automobile and FMCG. However, the chief employers in the city are the government departments. Besides, the emerging businesses and the start up trend in the city seems to be pacing up. This brings new hopes for the young graduates in the city and many opportunities for them to find suitable jobs in Lucknow.

Further, if we look at the growth avenues of the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, a lot is there to be discussed. The trade and manufacturing have always been the major elements of the city's markets and the trend still seems to be existing. The existence of companies like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Tata Motors, Eveready Industries and Scooters India Ltd. Prove this. Besides, many small & medium scale industrial units are located at varied locations in Lucknow. Coming on to the developments demanded by this era, Lucknow has also been gifted a Software Technology Park, which was set up in 2001. A biotech park is also being developed in the city.

Education is another major sector that makes it a prominent destination among the students as well as the job seekers. Those seeking jobs in the education sector can look forward to the institutions like Lucknow University, Gautam Buddh Technical University (GBTU), Central Drug Research Institute, IIM Lucknow, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science (SGPGI), and Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences (SPPGIDMS).