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Details on "Play it Forward Nashville" the organization and their upcoming events


This past May for five straight days storms hit numerous counties in Tennessee and parts of Kentucky causing flash floods devastating many towns including Nashville. Almost three months later whole communities still have no power and lack the funds and support to rebuild. Some people still haven't even been able to clean their houses so there's a real risk of illness and greater damage due to mold and mildew. Thus the people of Nashville and the surrounding town are in need of funds to clean, rebuild, refurnish and just get by since money from FEMA and other agencies hasn't been quickly forthcoming. People in these communities also immediately need the basic amenities they loss like food, shelter, hygiene products, clothes, and blankets.

As part of a grass roots effort to help the people in these communities, "Play it Forward Nashville" was created to encourage others to contribute even small amounts to make a huge difference in the lives of those affected by the floods. "Play it Forward Nashville" here in Los Angeles, has established a website and will be holding a fundraising concert and auction this coming Thursday, July 29th in Santa Monica at the V Lounge.

Josh Smith (one of the organizers of Play It Forward Nashville, and a member of the band Sterofox that will be performing on the main stage) was kind enough to provide the following answers to the Examiner's questions further detailing this event, where the money is being donated to, and the special musical connection between Nashville and Los Angeles. He also provided more information about  the acts performing.

EXAM: What, where, when is the fundraiser?
PIFN: The fundraiser concert and auction we're doing is in Santa Monica at V Lounge in Santa Monica on July 29. Doors open at 7p. This isn't the only fundraiser we're supporting. Details of other forthcoming events will be posted on the tuned to Play it Forward Nashville website. This concert is only the beginning of our campaign. The crux is 100 People in Need. Our social media and marketing campaign around this information resource about what people need, how to get it to them, and the donation resource we have through Play it Forward Nashville and our affiliated non-profit, Home and Community Inc., is the real deal. You can read about this more on the FAQ page of our website. What we've created is a way for you to know exactly where donations go, see in what very many ways you can help our sister community in need, and a self-sustainable community resource that will continue to keep you updated on the process of recovery.

EXAM: Who is putting on the show?
PIFN: Myself, David Harbaugh, Stevie Riolo, Sabrina Williams, Laura Sanders, Jennifer Kelly, the people in need, and the people who care and want to donate their time to come. This is a community effort. You can read more about us on the "Who We Are" page of our website.

EXAM: Where and to what organization/charity is money from fundraiser going?
PIFN: We're giving directly to the people on our 100 People in Need page, the organizations we support in the community that we have on our Support page (River Park Cares, Hands on Nashville, Community Foundation of Middle TN, Second Harvest). All donations go through Home & Community Inc., our affiliated 501c3, so everything is Tax-deductable.

EXAM: What is the connection of Los Angeles, and LA music scene, to Nashville?
PIFN: Without Nashville we wouldn't have music publishing. This business was created by Nashville and every musician knows that. When we opened the door for LA musicians to be a part of this we heard from all our friends, big and small, wanting to be a part of it and give in whatever way they could for the benefit of this musical city. People think of Country and Gospel when they think of Nashville, and even being from there I know that's their biggest money maker... But that's also the biggest money maker in the whole of the music industry right now, and it all just got flooded by 4000 sq miles of water.

EXAM: Who is performing at benefit?
PIFN: Sara Haze, Jules Larson, Jamie Meyer, Dave Yaden, Skip Heller, David George, Aaron Beaumont, Douglas Truck Stop, The Northstar Session, Christy Paige, Molly Jensen, and my band, Stereofox. Additionally just below are the biographies provided for the acts on the main stage:

Stereofox is a local band in LA, with a sound dubbed "sultry pop". Shortly after the formation of the band (created by Josh Smith and Stevie Riolo) they were honored with a guest performance by the one and only, Prince (formerly known as, currently known as, yes that Prince). They've gone on to produce one record, "ice the symphony" (found on iTunes) recorded with legendary musicians, Deron Johnson, and Gary Novak (Seal, Alanis Morissette, Miles Davis, Chick Corea). Currently performing and recording new material.

Sara Haze impressed industry executives everywhere she went including PEN Music Group President Michael Eames, APA Executive Vice President Troy Blakely and former ASCAP Senior Vice President of Creative John Alexander who invited her to perform at Canadian Music Week (CMW) where she was joined on-stage by GRAMMY® Award Winning Producer Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, No Doubt). Performing on stages from SXSW in Austin, to Popkomm in Berin, she is surrounded by industry giants with everyone from Randy Jackson to Gene Simmons consulting on her music.

Jamie Meyer, from the shores of industrial Hising Island, Gothenburg moving to world showbiz metropolitan Los Angeles, where he showed everyone that it is possible to reach your dreams with the right force, when he was presented with an award for Best/Singer Songwriter at L.A Music Awards 2008 for the latest album "Great Big Change". Jamie is currently working on his new Alternative Country album "Good Night To Be Young" to be released 2010.

As the singer of former L.A. rock/pop band Overnight Lows, Jules Larson recorded 2 albums and toured up and down the west coast. Their song “Delay the Wait” was featured in the film “Pulse” (starring Kristen Bell), and more songs have been featured in “The Hills,” “Fly Girls” (CW), and “Greek” (ABC family). Jules’ first solo EP, titled Strangers, was released in late 2009 and produced by Ethan Allen. Her song “Almost Blows My Mind” is currently in a National commercial for Kellogg’s Special K™ low-fat granola cereal. Jules recently performed a cover of Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane” with The Transcenders (of Black Eyed Peas fame) for the Summit Entertainment film “Furry Vengeance.” Catch her LIVE on Saturday, May 15 at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA.


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