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Destruction plus construction equals transformation

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Every remodeling project requires some sort of demolition. However, the first step is not the demolition, it's the planning. Even deconstruction requires careful consideration before beginning. Demolition is somewhat like performing surgery on your house; non or poor-functioning parts are removed and replaced with something that works properly. This “surgery” is not always pleasant because it's loud, dirty and disruptive. However, once the process is complete, your project is on the road to recovery.

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Like every other step in the construction process, demolition has a certain order about it. The first is deciding how and where the remodeling debris will exit the structure. Next is providing as much protection to areas and parts that are going to remain. This would include plastic barriers and floor protection both in the work zones and paths taken by workers. And finally, how is the debris going to be removed from the property? When you have a lot of debris, the best and most cost effective way is to have a dumpster delivered. Having your local solid waste provider remove the debris is not cheap, however, the convenience and time savings of not having to do it yourself is significant.