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Destroying the message and the messenger

Shooting the messenger and destroying the message is the new tactic against religious standards.
Shooting the messenger and destroying the message is the new tactic against religious standards.

Destructive intolerance usually does not go main stream. Usually a healthy message allows for the peaceful coexistence of different points of view.

When traditional marriage became a hot topic due to the circulation of a marriage petition that qualified for the ballot, a fanatical leftist message began to circulate regarding religious organizations and anyone else that supported the traditional marriage fight. If one supported Prop 8, you were a hater or homophobe.

It did not matter that the real culprit for galvanizing California was Jerry Brown’s attorney general office when the issue of gay marriage was forced upon the public by a total bastardization of the marriage definition meaning. The marriage support forces were handed a political tar baby and they were forced to wear it.

The real issue concerning validating the definition of marriage was replaced by a no win scenario that forced Californians to vote against gays being included in the new marriage definition. This gross distortion of what marriage supporters were attempting to do became hijacked by the political media and leftist advocates.

The real sin of domestic partnerships and civil union laws relegating same sex couple to second class status was the real constitutional travesty that needed to be addressed. The purpose of both options was to allow secular sanctioning of relationships to couples of the same sex.

It was difficult to hear the correct message above the railing accusations leveled at anyone wishing to support what Prop 8 intended in the first place. The media and gay advocate groups conveniently ignored what California’s attorney general office did and linked themselves to the blistering diatribe that put anyone coming out trying to support traditional marriage as haters, homophobes, and mean spirited Christians.

When Chick-Fil-A’s CEO came out and merely stated his support for traditional marriage, a blizzard of negativity came from the media and public elected officials who did a proverbial dog pile on the pro-traditional marriage point of view.

It became no longer acceptable to voice an opinion that one was for traditional marriage. Squashing support of traditional marriage became standard procedure.

This irrational process has created a climate of retaliation and punishment for anyone that has been found to have had any support for traditional marriage beliefs. This suppression is being replicated not only politically, but socially and in the entertainment industry.

The media has done a pitiful job of being the watchdog of the public interest. Instead they have assumed the role of lapdog since their left leaning ideology is more important.

Additionally, it is a perfect issue to thumb their collective noses at the Biblical standard of marriage. There has been a general rebellion against the moral code of the Bible which has been demonstrated in a multitude of issues as capital punishment, abortion, sexual morality, and now marriage.

It is the ultimate expression of rebellion against God that is the spiritual driving force behind these positions where sin is sanctioned by our ever slipping society and government which is losing its moral compass rapidly.

George Washington warned in his farewell address that “you cannot have national morality apart from religious principle”. As more and more standards taken from the Bible are deviated from, one can expect an ever growing breakdown of the social mores that governs a healthy society.

A declaration from the Bible warns of good being called evil and evil being called good, a prophesy for our time being thoroughly demonstrated with capital punishment being called bad, abortion lifted up as good, and the scourge of sexual immorality devastating society. One can fornicate as long as one has a condom.

Moral relativism is the coup de grace that is infiltrating across all established moral standards with devastating consequences. This does result in people doing whatever seems right in their own eyes.

Has not this approach been tried before?

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