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Destroying the land to put money in our hands

The destruction of nature at all costs in order for man to make money off of the corpse of the land.
The destruction of nature at all costs in order for man to make money off of the corpse of the land.
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There is a cost to everything we do. No matter how big or how small the action or deed may seem to be, it has a ripple effect that affects our life from the tiniest atoms all the way out beyond time and space.

We are destroying this planet, something that is physical and tangible, in order to earn and create money, which is one of the countless agreements within society. Money is not real it is but a product of man’s ego and limited imagination. What is worth anyway? It is what those in power tell us it is.

Every time I am out and about I see litter everywhere. It is very sad to see people have to leave a messy trace of their existence. BUT imagine if the powers that be said that garbage is the new currency. I will bet you that within a matter of weeks there would be no garbage out there at all. People would be fighting over trash.

Reality has it that we strip the land of minerals and resources that can be made what turns into eventual trash. But the cost that must be paid for stripping the land of what we perceive to be of value-so many of us can not even fathom how much of a price we pay. There is indeed negative karma associated with our very impulsive and destructive ways. It is a cumulative affect called pollution, holes in the ozone layer, and of course global warming. Signs that things are changing are everywhere yet the powers that be continue to deny that their actions are having such an intense impact.

Corporations do so much damage in their wake in order to make a buck. How can any one person own anything? How can we say we own the land? How can a group say they own this or that? We are all children of the earth and we have all inherited the richness and vastness of the land. We all should share in the goodness of the planet and not just the chosen few of the greediest amongst us.

I am aware that I am rambling a bit here, covering several topics in a sweeping motion. But the point is this is all connected. It is all about our interpretation of how life should be lived. At any given moment our perspective on life is subject to change. After all, the meek are supposed to eventually inherit the earth.

So the bottom line is we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or another line could be the blind are leading the blind. So many do indeed blindly follow the powers that be, follow the “money trail” in life. Oh I know “don’t rock the boat,” “mind your p’s and q’s.” Well that is why those with the power have the power, resources and this thing called “wealth.” We are all the chosen ones yet we let only a chosen few tell us what to do.

In the end we strip the land to have money in our hands. Money of course is paper and paper comes from trees. So we tear down trees, for this and other materialistic reasons, to have a sense of worth in our pockets. And of course money buys us materials goods. So many out there, I of course include myself at times, have to have material things in order to feel comfort, to feel secure, to feel happy. While so many are none the wiser at the cosmic wake of negative karma we do indeed leave in our path of self indulgence. It is the void that can not be filled, but in the wake the path that our attempt to fill the void s strewn with a cost that future generations themselves will not be able to pay.


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