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Destroy anything that gets in your way

Crash N Burn Images
Crash N Burn Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Do you feel like letting out some frustration on the road, but without the dangers of injuring others? Now people can do that by playing Crash N Burn. This game lets players race around a city in all kinds of vehicles, destroying every object and car that gets in the way. As you complete each mission, you can upgrade your vehicle with weapons and gadgets. The vehicles in this game are really cool, and the weapons and gadgets make the game even more fun. When the game begins, your first mission is to destroy five taxis. If you look on the mini map on the screen, the big red dots will represent the taxis and other targets you have to hit in each mission. Pickups will look like green dots on the mini map. An image of a house will be where you can bring your car to upgrade it. The space bar comes in handy when you need to do a quick turnaround. The taxis can easily be destroyed by crashing into them really hard. The next mission involves eliminating five phone booths; these can be found on a majority of blocks.
In the next mission, you have to take out ten police cars, and some of these police cars can be tricky to find. There are so many gadgets to find throughout the city, like flame bursts, C4, jumps, magnets, and a shield. The shield is great to use when there are enemies shooting at you. The upgrades can give players even more points, such as burst strength, boost power, and speed. These upgrades will cause your car to hit other cars harder and achieve a higher point score. The first two vehicles are really fun to drive with; as your level goes higher, you will have access to even bigger vehicles, which include a truck, a fire truck, and a big rig. Crash N Burn is an intense drive and smash game; every mission is unique, and you can upgrade your vehicle in a variety of ways to deliver maximum damage. The gadgets really enhance the gameplay; the toxic gadget will create toxic spots as you drive around, burning any cars and objects around you.