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‘Destiny’ will feature the same gameplay on Xbox One, PS4 and last-gen hardware

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Despite the fact that Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter will release across multiple console generations, gamers shouldn’t be concerned that they are playing vastly different version of Destiny if they play to play the game on last-gen systems. The developer reassured fans that their upcoming MMO-inspired title will have the feature same gameplay regardless of what platform it is played on as reported by Gameranx on Monday.

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Bungie told fans that how Destiny performs on the Xbox 360 and PS3 may come as a surprise after the developer promised that players will receive a similar experience on all systems. The reason behind the lack of gameplay differences all lies with the server tech of Destiny. Since everything will be hosted on one central server, the worlds are required to be the same as they are all pulled from the same source.

Of course, those who pick up Destiny for the Xbox One and PS4 shouldn’t be worried that the game won’t still utilize the advanced capabilities of the new systems. While the gameplay might be similar, fans can still expect to see better graphics with the next-gen hardware. Furthermore, Bungie has already confirmed that the game will encourage the use of specific features from the new consoles such as the Playstation 4’s share button.

Destiny is scheduled to release on Sept 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game will feature one shared world space which will contain all players. When inside the title’s central city, fans will see the larger population of gamers. However, while on missions, the game will be limited to smaller fire teams. In addition to cooperative play, Destiny will also allow progression gains in competitive multiplayer matches. The Destiny Beta will begin in July, Coming first to the PS3 and PS4. The Beta will also head to Xbox consoles at a later date.