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‘Destiny’ will be the first PS4 game to use preloading, not ‘Watch Dogs’


Bungie’s and Activision’s ambitious first-person-shooter-MMO, Destiny, will be the first PlayStation 4 game to utilize the pre-loading feature which was added in the 1.70 update just under a month ago. This feature was added near the end of the “last generation” on the PlayStation 3 when Grand Theft Auto V used it; however, it received many mixed feelings.

What exactly is “preloading?” It simply means that games can be downloaded a few days in advance and then unlocked at 12 AM Pacific Time. On September 9th, 2014, gamers on the west coast with a PS4 will experience Destiny before anyone else courtesy of the preloading feature. The Xbox One does not sport preloading at this time.

There were rumors that Watch Dogs would be the first game of the next generation to utilize this feature; however, it has been confirmed that it won’t. Players in the Pacific Time would have been the first to have access to it if that had been the case; however, rumors of a Brazilian retailer selling copies early have surfaced so it’s possible that they are the first true players of the game. Ubisoft has said to ignore any reviews of the game until May 27th, which is its official launch day.

Although the feature was added a month ago, no PlayStation 4 game will use preloading until Destiny on September 9th, 2014.