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'Destiny' will be 1080p on Xbox One thanks to dev kit update

Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed that Bungie would use an upcoming software development kit update to increase the resolution of "Destiny" during a podcast interview. That naturally led to the big question of just how much. GameTrailer’s Geoff Keighley revealed that number Tuesday from E3 2014.

"After @xboxp3 [Phil Spencer] interview I've been asking devs about impact of new Xbox sdk on [performance]," Keighley revealed on Twitter. "Bungie says it will get Destiny to 1080p/30fps on [Xbox One]."

Given the competitive nature in the gaming community over the performance between the PS4 and Xbox One, this is a significant statement. However, it’s also hard to gauge how big of an improvement that the SDK update provides without knowing what the resolution "Destiny" was running at prior to the update.

Those wondering about the 30 frames per second shouldn't be surprised. All of the Bungie produced "Halo" games ran at that frame rate in an attempt to maximize the visuals

Either way, this is good news for Xbox One owners and shows that the SDK update will definitely help all upcoming games for the console. Spencer also mentioned "Sunset Overdrive" as receiving the benefits of the update. So, it appears that the games released this fall and beyond will be able to take advantage.

For those wondering what the software update does, it frees up 10 percent of Xbox One’s GPU that was reserved for Kinect. Developers who choose not to use the Kinect’s motion sensing capabilities will have more power to use towards resolution, frame rate and other visual benefits. If there are other benefits to the update beyond just access to the reserved power, it hasn’t been announced yet.

"Destiny" is currently set for a Sept. 9 release to the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. A beta for the game will launch on July 17 for the Playstation systems with the Xbox beta following not long afterwards. Those interested in participating in the beta only need to pre-order the game from retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop.

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