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Destiny's Child reunites for Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes'

The latest collaboration between Michelle Williams, Beyonce and Kelly Roland (formerly Destiny's Child) is a tune entitled "Say Yes," an African praise anthem has been released to rave reviews. The new track will appear on Williams’ fourth album, Journey to Freedom scheduled to be released in September 2014. The infectious Afro-Caribbean inspired beat produced by Harmony Samuels (Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, J Hud, Maroon 5), has uniteed listeners across continents.

Williams leads in with the catchy lyrics, "When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no." Beyonce sings the second verse, followed by Kelly's solo part. The arrangement showcases their individual talent as each woman's distinct voice carries its own weight and blends perfectly when the song ends with the three ladies uniting in harmony just like the good ole days.

The ladies came together to do the single voluntarily. Williams told the Hollywood Reporter Beyonce and Kelly fell in love with "Say Yes" when they first heard it and wanted to release a Destiny's Child version of the cut. "Kelly did it and Beyonce got right in the Studio and did her part."

The video for "Say Ye"s comes nearly a decade after their last video together as a group and was recorded on the 10th anniversary of the release of their chart topper "Bootylicious."

Sa Yes may be an answer answered prayer fro Williams' solo careerIronically, the quasi Destiny Child reunion on "Say Yes" could be the break Williams needs to finally climb the charts with her own. Since the group parted ways, all three ladies have done solo work, but Williams has yet to see commercial success on the same level of either Kelly or Beyonce.

They all apparently like gospel music and have sang it together in the past.

The vocal sisters first united in praise singing in the no gospel medley on the MTV Awards in 2001. Watch the now classic performance below. (At the time the group caught flack for singing sacred songs in tummy bearing outfits.) Beyonce sang gospel on the Fighting Temptations movie soundtrack.

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