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'Destiny' Planet View revealed: Strategize, collect and experience

We are just one week away from the launch of Destiny and today, we have new details to share with you regarding a new mode for the game called Planet View. With the help of Google Technologies, Bungie was able to create this new mode to allow players to explore each and every crevasse of Destiny's world.

Ready for Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

Destiny Planet View will give players the ability to look at each planet and moon from a variety of different angles. In the trailer we see how you will be able to move from one part of a location to another. It's unknown if these will be fixed locations or if you can look at any part of a planet from any angle. We'll be sure to let you know when Destiny launches next week.

Activision revealed Google Technologies provided assistance for this feature to be created, as it is reminiscent of the street view feature people can use on Google Maps. Confirmed locations that players can explore are Mars, Venus and the Moon, but it's unclear if other moons or locations will be enabled for Planet View.

If you're looking at the value this feature presents, it certainly will allow players the chance to consider different gameplay strategies, as well as serve as a means to help players find collectibles they may have missed during their gameplay sessions. Planet View seems like a great way for gamers to take in-game screenshots of certain parts of each planet as well.

Activision will be launching the highly anticipated game, Destiny, next Tuesday, Sept. 9. It will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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