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'Destiny' memories: Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg recounts two major ones

Even more reasons to be excited for 'Destiny'!
Even more reasons to be excited for 'Destiny'!
Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

There's no doubt about it that developing a video game is hard work. Whether it be a small independent title or a blockbuster from a major company, crafting a team's creative vision into something that fans will love is a long and difficult process. We recently had a chance to sit down with Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision, to discuss a few aspects of publishing Destiny, one of the biggest games coming out this year. He offered a couple of examples as to what made him most excited about the project, such as when he realized that Bungie was unlike any other developer.

What I'll say about Bungie that seems unique to them is they have one of the clearest visions, meaning when I think back to the first meetings on the game that I was a part of, the concept art, which can often times look like a distant cousin of what the game ends up looking like, hit exactly what they were aiming at. They had this vision for this world and the way it was going to look and feel, and [even though] it has taken a few years to execute, it really does feel like the picture they painted years ago.

Bungie is known for their signature style and knack for crafting intriguing sci-fi worlds with their incredibly successful Halo franchise, so it comes as no surprise that the developer would have a solid vision for their next venture. Hirshberg went on to state that, aside from the game's creative artwork, he's also excited about the game's approach to online multiplayer, and cited it as the moment when the project really came together for him.

I remember another key moment for me was the first time I experienced what we're calling the shared world shooter elements where you're playing single player, you're playing a campaign [mission], and then you get dumped into this public space with other players, and you have to team up with them to take down an enemy, that was magic. It was one of those moments where I thought 'okay, I haven't experienced that before. That feels new, fresh and cool.'

Hirshberg isn't the only one excited to experience Destiny's massive world and social gameplay, as millions of gamers have already been captivated by the game's alpha and beta releases. Fans should look forward to playing the full game when it launches for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9th. Those who are planning to purchase a PS4 later this year might also want to consider the Destiny bundle, which features a special white version of the console, to be released on the same day.