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'Destiny' hands-on: Impressions of Bungie's Titan and Warlock classes

Ready for some Destiny?
Ready for some Destiny?
Permission given to use photo by Activision

One of the most anticipated games of 2014 is undoubtedly Destiny. Officially unveiled back in February of 2013, Destiny has had a long road to getting to the point it is at now, but at last we are only a few months away from launch, and we have some great hands-on impressions to share with you.

Destiny certainly feels like a brand-new world with some familiar aesthetics we remember from Bungie’s Halo days, but for the vast majority of the game, Destiny is an entirely new beast. The look and feel of the game is consistent within itself and it plays silky smooth. The visuals of the game are solid, but a much longer look at the final version of the game is needed before true judgment can be passed.

Choosing the character you want to play as is going to play a key role in your experience with Destiny, and we were given the chance to check out the Titan and Warlock. The Titan did have some distinctly different features in comparison to the Warlock and perhaps one of the greatest areas the two differ are their special attacks.

The Titan’s special attack was a thunderous ground pound that dealt out severe damage to enemies within its radius. An interesting thing to remember when using a special attack like this, is that the more enemies you hit with it, the more you will be rewarded with recharging loot for the move’s meter. This allows you to fill up your special meter quicker and will make you that much more deadly.

Another observation worth sharing in this instance is that the Titan’s special attack is only conducive to close-quarter-combat. If you are in the middle of a firefight with enemies who are spread across a valley, then you’ll immediately be at a disadvantage since your special attack only impacts enemies nearby.

Grenades in Destiny are interesting as the Titan’s is something that recharges. Surely there will be collectibles or skills that you can find to upgrade it, therefore speeding up the cool down time, but that absolutely made us think twice when using it.

The control scheme in Destiny seems to be simple enough and nothing that will be too difficult for players to master. If you’ve played a shooter before, you’ll have zero problems getting into Destiny.

The time we had with the Titan was merely a small sample of what we’re going to see from this game, and actually, this weekend is a fantastic time to see more of Destiny as their beta runs through Sunday.

Shifting gears toward the second class we had the opportunity to play with, the Warlock, Destiny has yet another interesting hero on their hands.

As the Warlock we harness the balance between a lightweight Ranger and the heavier Titan classes. Equipped with a Revolver like pistol, a rocket launcher, and a lazer particle rifle that requires a short period of charging before sending a salvo down range at the speed of light.

As we take down foes we slowly gain progress towards the completion of our special attack. When full you throw an orb of energy that deals massive damage to all that are around it.

It's a very empowering moment, heightened by the Warlock's ability to double jump and glide through the air. You can almost feel yourself slowly drifting as you throw your most powerful tool at your enemies. This is only made even more fulfilling when you actually manage to land it among a heap of enemies.

Coordinating usage of these Supers can be what decides whether you win or lose an encounter, and you will lose encounters. Playing on the default normal difficulty, we fell to a ragtag mixture of Fallen and Vex as we attempted to fend off their attempt to interrupt Ghost, who appears to be our AI assistant voiced by Game of Throne's Peter Dinklage.

After this we continued our onslaught until Devil Walker was dropped in. We came close to failing multiple times and were set for victory before our time with the title had come to an end.

We tried utilizing other weapons in our inventory such as a fire elemental version of our burst fire laser and a generic shotgun. Both were fun to fool around with but perhaps the biggest motivation when playing, XP and loot remained untouched due to our time restraint.

It’s clear Bungie has something that could be great on their hands, and with the alpha just closing this past weekend and the beta coming up in July, we should have a better idea of what this game is very soon. Like you, we all are anticipating Destiny's Sept. 9 launch date and we’ll keep you updated on all developments between now and then.

This preview was combined effort of the hands-on experiences obtained by both Steve Ruygrok and Dillon Skiffington.

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