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‘Destiny’ goes gold, Bungie begins internally testing the launch build

Photo courtesy of Activision, used with permission

Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, will now definitely release on schedule after the developer announced that they title is now fully content complete and features everything that will be available in the game at launch. As reported by VG247 on Aug. 25, Destiny has now officially gone gold and is ready to begin manufacturing for its retail release.

The term “going gold” refers to the final stage in development in which a developer has completely finished all content in a game. Everything must be exactly how the game intends to be at launch because this is the point in a title’s creation where it is sent to have physical disc copies printed in mass production. This means that Destiny is now in the final build that gamers will actually play when the title launches next month since no additional content can be added to the retail discs after this step.

However, Bungie also announced that they will now begin further testing the launch build of Destiny between now and its release in order to make sure everything is working properly. Any issues discovered during this time will likely be released as a launch day patch.

Destiny releases on Sept. 9 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. While the game is intended to be played in a multiplayer driven shared-world, fans can still choose to engage in the story campaign alone. Much of the rest of the content will, however, require multiple players. The game’s hardest content will need six players and won’t offer any kind of matchmaking. Gamers will instead have to form their own groups from their friends list prior to playing.