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'Destiny' gameplay explained in new trailer with a tease of the endgame

The ‘Destiny’ public alpha test is right around the corner for the PS4 with the beta not far behind for the Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. To get players prepared, Bungie released a new video from E3 2014 on Wednesday that helps explain the different gameplay options that will be available to prospective Guardians and teases the endgame.

The “Destiny: Official E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer” features Bungie co-founder Jason Jones walking viewers through the different aspects of the game. He starts with the Guardians’ home, the Tower. This is located in the center of the last human city and is where players return after every adventure to collect their rewards, buy and sell weapons and gear as well as meet up with friends.

Jones then walked through the different ways that players can choose to start, develop and customize their Guardian with weapons, gear, abilities, powers and more. The different selections made will allow you to develop your character to fit your style of play.

Going out on adventures in “Destiny” begins with what Bungie calls “The Director.” This is a map that allows players to choose the different missions and objectives available on Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon plus the competitive multiplayer option named the “The Crucible.” Selecting one of the planets will lead players to new maps where they can view specific missions along with their gametype and rewards.

“Destiny” was designed with co-operative play in mind and occasionally your group will stumble on public events. This allows you to join up with other groups of players to take on large numbers of enemies or bosses.

In addition to story-based missions, players can also explore the different worlds of “Destiny” or participate in other events. For example, Strikes allow you to join up with two other players to go on a mission to fight through waves of enemies to “takedown an epic boss.” There’s also “The Crucible” where players can form teams of six to fight in different competitive multiplayer matches. One shown in the trailer is a gametype called “Dead Sectors” and is a 6-vs-6 match with control points.

The endgame mentioned by Jones is called “The Vault of Glass” and is described as “the most challenging experience we’ve ever created.” The video shows a group of players leaping from disappearing platform to disappearing platform before coming to a pair of large doors. What’s behind them? Apparently, the ultimate rewards that “Destiny” can provide.

The “Destiny” public alpha test will kick off Thursday, June 12 for and will be available to PS4 owners that have registered at and have been chosen to participate. The beta then kicks off on July 17 for the PS4 and PS3 owners with Xbox One and Xbox 360 players just a couple of days later. The full game will be released on Sept. 9, 2014.

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