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'Destiny' faction associations can be affected by player actions in-game

Choosing your faction in Destiny will have consequences.
Choosing your faction in Destiny will have consequences.

Bungie is still guarding the secrets to Destiny for the PS4, PS3, next Xbox and Xbox 360 as if they were the crown jewels. Lead writer Joe Staten opened the door just a little in an interview released Wednesday on how factions will work in the upcoming shooter.

While admitting that Bungie has been rather cryptic and mysterious about the information it has released on the game's factions thus far, Staten told OXM that he does appreciate the interest it has drawn from fans. "A lot of the fun of talking to your community at an early stage is leaving it open-ended, letting them ask the questions, letting them fill in the blanks, and have fun with it," he says.

He then gets a little more specific about how choosing factions will have consequences in the game while still leaving plenty of room for fans to "fill in the blanks."

"Probably the best thing to say right now is the factions that we've released, they are real factions in the game, so if you find yourself drawn to one of them artistically or the name, you'll definitely have opportunities in the game to, I'd say, heighten these associations," Staten explained.

The in-game factions that have been revealed for Destiny so far include Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Seven Seraphs, FWC, FOTC and Osiris.

Destiny will be released to the PS4, PS3, next Xbox and Xbox 360 some time in 2014.

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