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'Destiny' director: The value of talent at Bungie and fans agreeing with devs

New IP is the name of the game this generation and with the first fully active fall for the PS4 and Xbox One upon us, the talk about games is nearing its end, and the start of playing them is almost here. Destiny is one of the biggest IP that will release this fall and we are now just weeks away from its launch.

Ready for Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

Destiny was announced back in February of 2013, but during the beginning stages of the project, things were not always crystal clear. Jonty Barnes, who is the director of production on Destiny, spoke about the confidence the team at Bungie had when they started working on Destiny as well as how valuable it is to have a talented team when working on a new IP.

"I think there’s this part which is very early on in the project where you don’t know what the game is that you’re making, but we very much trust in the talent at Bungie. We’ve been very fortunate because of our culture - we’ve been able to retain such talented people. The majority of the original Halo team is there, Jason Jones who was the creative director of Halo and previous hits at Bungie is the creative director of Destiny, for example.

"I continue to talk about ‘the talent at Bungie’. That’s where you go on this journey together. Entertainment is a risk – I’m fortunate enough to have worked on a lot of new IP. A lot of people at Bungie had never worked on a new IP, and it was very daunting for them, there was a lot of insecurity at times. But we trusted in each other. I think when you have that talent, you’re going to be successful," Barnes said.

Working on a new IP is absolutely a major risk for any publisher and quite frankly, it is why we do not see more of them in gaming. The beginning of a console cycle has allowed developers and publishers to explore new worlds and consumers seem to be more open to those, however; that is not a trend that is likely to last for the entire console cycle, it didn't last-generation.

Destiny is arguably the most anticipated game left in 2014, and that's saying a lot with all of the amazing software still coming down the pike. Activision has positioned this game and its launched in a perfect spot where it's the first blockbuster game of the fall. There isn't a better game you could've picked to start off the fall season.

The Destiny beta was enormously successful for everyone involved. Developers had the chance to really see what fans loved and perhaps thought needed improvement, but more than that, it gave people who still were unsure about Destiny the chance to get a major peek at what is to come in a few weeks.

"The beta was a huge tonic for the team because the world of players agree with the players at Bungie – the things we love about the game, they love about the game. Things we thought were important, they thought were important," Barnes said.

Destiny has been years in the making for both Bungie and Activision. Destiny will launch this coming Sept. 9 and will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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