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‘Destiny’ developer talks skill trees and loot distribution

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Bungie’s upcoming MMO-shooter, Destiny, hopes to change how gamers play multiplayer games. Speaking to Xbox One Magazine on Feb 18, Bungie’s David Dague discussed some of the ways the developer hopes to achieve this goal including character customization and how loot will work inside the game.

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While there are only three announced playable classes within Destiny, Bungie hopes to establish player diversity through the use of skill trees to ensure that no two players are the same. The idea is to design trees which foster unique builds through skills, appearance, and even vehilces.

Our goal is to equip players with enough options that each Guardian feels truly unique. Creating and growing your character will give you to a complex series of choices.

Skill trees handle how gamers will play the game, but they will use that unique playstyle inside Destiny with the hopes of earning new gear through the game’s loot system. Unlike other loot-based titles, Bungie want to ensure that each player is rewarded for their time spent playing Destiny. As such, each person will have their own individualized loot for everything they do in the game without the need to fight others over who gets the equipment. From random enemy drops to quest rewards, everyone gets their own instanced loot.

Destiny features private loot streams to ensure that every Guardian earns what they need to become legend.

Destiny is scheduled to release later this year on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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