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‘Destiny’ beta testers will receive a special bonus at launch

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In addition to getting an early look at Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, gamers who take part in this month’s scheduled beta test for Destiny will have a surprise waiting for them when the game releases this September. Bungie has now revealed that all players who log into the upcoming beta will receive a special in-game bonus when the game launches as Gameranx reported on July 10. The developer didn’t specify exactly what the gift will be; only that fans will obtain it for participating in the July beta.

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To ensure access to this month’s beta test, fans need to preorder Destiny. All four announced platforms that the game will release on will have their own beta. The Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 beta will begin on July 17while the Xbox One and Xbox 360 test is scheduled to start on July 23. Bungie confirmed that those accepted into the beta will receive their access codes via email on the day that the test begins. Players will also be able to log in to their account to receive their beta codes.

Despite a brief alpha test which allowed PS4 owners to get a small glimpse of the upcoming shooter over the weekend following last month’s E3 event, this will be the first time that the gaming public will get to experience Destiny for themselves. Those who participated in the previous alpha test should expect to see much more content than what was provided during their earlier opportunity.

Destiny launches late this summer on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. Bungie is borrowing many gameplay elements generally found in MMO games and applying them to the first-person shooter. This includes a shared world, central hub locations, progression, and even dungeons. While the entire story campaign of the game can be played solo, fans are encouraged to play with a team of friends to get the full experience that Destiny has to offer. In addition to cooperative gameplay, Destiny will also include competitive matchmaking that are typically found in shooters.