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'Destiny' beta saw more concurrent players on Moon than any 'Halo' game before

Ready for launch?
Ready for launch?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

It has been well-documented how many people participated in the Destiny beta. It was one of the most successful betas ever, from an interest standpoint. Destiny has always been one of those games that you can try and describe what it is to someone else, but rarely do they truly grasp what exactly it is until they've played Destiny for themselves.

The beta is long over and Bungie is all prepared to launch their newest IP, but the studio took sometime to reflect on just how expansive the beta was. Jesse van Dijk, who is a lead concept artist on Destiny, talked about how there were more concurrent players inside of the Destiny beta than during any other Bungie game before it.

"In fact, the number of concurrent players during the moon mission was higher than any other Bungie game in history. Having that many people allowed us to test better, to kick over some of the systems so that we could get some meaningful data – we can ensure that certain problems, some of which we created on purpose – would not occur at launch," van Dijk said.

Of course, comparing the preceding Halo games isn't a fair comparison at all, but it's still interesting to note that fact because Halo was and still is such a monumental brand for the gaming industry. Surely, Bungie will break the record established by the first Destiny beta in work they do further down the line. That said, there were some very impressive numbers that came out of the beta like having over 850,000 concurrents on the moon.

Ever since Destiny was formally unveiled last year, fans have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Bungie's next IP. Even with all of the support Destiny has received thus far, van Dijk expressed the studio's gratitude for such passion and excitement from fans.

"We were humbled to see the player response, which has been overwhelmingly positive. People really seem to understand what kind of a game Destiny is. We’ve made an attempt at explaining that prior to the beta, but it was only once people got to play it that we felt like… this is the moment where it clicks, where people get it," van Dijk said.

The moment is almost here for hundreds of people who have worked on this game. The launch of Destiny is a week from this coming Tuesday and it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

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