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Destiny Beta Hands On.

A Fallen Captain
A Fallen Captain

Now that Destiny Beta comes to a close and finally got our fix, we expect Bungie to finally deliver us their new game in a couple months with a side of server crashing. Ever since the Beta started, millions of players have traveled all over Russia with Peter Dinklage killing off aliens with other players who are also traveling with Peter Dinklage. It's an MMO-FPS-RPG(OMG) type of game and the surprising thing is that you only meet just a handful of those million players, sorry I'm getting out of order here so let's begin my experience with Bungie's Destiny....uh, Beta.

Like in every other MMO type game, you get the option of customizing your character. Three different races such as Human, Awoken, and Exo. Since I already am human and interact with machines constantly in my daily life, I've decided to select an Awoken and made him super handsome. As for a class I've chosen Warlock just like millions of other people that selected. The game starts off in a tutorial where you're resurrected by a flying little robot buddy called a Ghost, now unlike Halo the ghosts actually help you instead of tricking you into wiping out the entire galaxy of life. So good ol' Peter Ghost is trying to escort you to the Tower, the last safe place ever. During this little quest however, you'll come across with a group of aliens known as the Fallen, these guys help you out finding a couple weapons to use and a ship to leave after you kill them, don't worry they started it.

When finally reaching the Tower, turns out that they're going to send you back to Earth, because you are a Guardian and Guardians guard things, like lives. One of the things I've always complained about games that are FPS and with character customization that Bungie manage to keep me from sighing from what seems to be a waste of time is that when I actually get to the tower my character takes his helmet off and it's in 3rd person so that players and I can see my handsome young alien's face. This actually makes me happy, because games like Brink always make it very hard to even see other people's faces with that annoying outline glow and dark faces. Okay, back to the game. Basically what you do from there is complete the missions in Old Russia, collect weapons and armor for yourself and kill time by joining random events with other players. As for the story though, I couldn't really pay much attention due to me and some friends having an extreme blast with it.

The gameplay is just good fun, though I do not wish to show off my whole review yet due to it just being the Beta and things could change to help the player. It does have it's Borderlands moments where you hang back and try to kill off enemies where their health bars very slowly degrade after each round clip you throw at them. Though I do see Halo more in this game than Borderlands, first of all you have a flying robot eye that follows you around and also acts as a friendly A.I. who opens doors and gives you back story on what's going on. The music is intense and has a beautiful choir like Halo, and if there is one thing that Bungie knows how to satisfy me is the magical melee button, attacking with your own hands in Halo and Destiny is about as satisfying as the shotgun in any id Software game with the exception of Marathon where your hand just turns and just has a punch sound added.

There's a bit exploring as well, although a game that is an MMO almost kills the exploring experience when you find other players in caves and seemingly secret areas before you enter. There are collectibles though there are no benefit what to do with them for now anyway. But the thing I have a problem with the game so far is kinda minor, but I just don't like the fact that you need to have other players with you for the big missions and that there will be very long missions. I always feel that there is one person out in the middle of nowhere who loves video games, but with no internet. It just strongly believe that we shouldn't step into this territory yet until game systems can connect to the world wide web via satellite while in the middle of a 3rd world desert. I can understand trying to make a game to play while you need the internet, but add some bots in there at least or something.

Aside from these nip picks, the Beta really made me thirsty for more! Although I regret that I didn't do any of the competitive multiplayer or went on the moon due to being in queue. The game is still in Beta, but hopefully that it'll be what players would want make changes to features that didn't work. I will have my full review upon the game's release.