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Destined for the throne

King Robert I of Scotland and his wife, Isabella of March, 1562
King Robert I of Scotland and his wife, Isabella of March, 1562

Chicago has had its share of mega stars in the glory-fed sports realm. Without a pause, for even with foreigners who may have not set foot in this famous city, it is Michael Jordan who comes to mind. Scotty Pippen committed the unpardonable mistake of stating that Lebron King James is a better player than Jordan ever was after watching the new King decimate the Chicago Bulls in the last two games of their 7-game series not too long ago. Even Derrick Rose, the Chicago fans' designated heir-apparent to Jordan's lofty crown in Bulls Land, whom James totally outplayed in that series, was also probably wondering like the prematurely judgmental Pippen. Definitely much more quietly in his own space and time. Perhaps he might have wondered not too unreasonably of how much of the 5 inches that he lacks compared to stately Lebron separates them in terms of upside and maxed-out excellencies.

Unfortunately, Lebron's ascent to kingship was rudely interrupted by an equally tall Dallas Maverick Shane Marion - Lebron's fair match in size, maybe not in terms of their physical skills – whose sound defensive play caused Lebron to get unglued in the NBA Finals championship series, and sent him and the Miami Heat crashing back to sun-hot Florida – humbled and cleansed. Predictably, people began getting off the King bandwagon. Cry and the world will cry with you not. The King “anointing” has to wait another year, sweetheart.

However, most clear-headed fans and knowing experts agree on this: His time will come. It is written in stone - not in Cleveland but in Miami, perhaps. It surely seems highly probable, given his physical gifts, the quality of his teammates like home-grown, Chicago-bred Dwyane Wade, and the greatness of the Miami Heat organization, that eventually - in some appointed, knowable future - nascent Lebron King James will indeed become NBA's King, with all due respect to the present inimitable King - Michael Jordan.

Today, another anointable King in tennis has emerged. His name is Novak Djokovic of Serbia, who outplayed another anointable tennis King, Rafael Nadal, in a highly technical, stunning Wimbledon 4-set final grass game. It is difficult not to notice the excitement all over John McKenroe, who himself is a tennis great, waxing eloquent over Djokovic's ascendancy to the throne. These great players did not reach the pinnacle of success without self-doubts, pain, hardships, defeats, and trials.

Maybe that is why many of them are ever humble in glorious victory and gracious in the agony of defeat.

God is preparing and training every Christian – His sons and daughters – for ultimate participation in rulership as members of the Bride of Christ in the eternal kingdom coming soon. How glorified Christians will rule there and what dominions they will rule over are not completely revealed in the Bible. Perhaps one of them will rule Venus; perhaps another one will rule in a distant galaxy hitherto unknown; and perhaps yet another will unravel the secrets of the neutrinos and the black holes. Who really knows all of these but only God Himself.

The unspeakable beauty of the revelation that God shared with Paul regarding this aspect of the future, prompted the apostle to say, “I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope He has given to those He called—His holy people who are His rich and glorious inheritance.” Ephesians 1:18.

Less than 100 years separated Paul from the heavenly vision that another apostle, an aging John - exiled on the Greek island of Patmos – saw with his own eyes what the risen Jesus Christ gave him of a clear view of the very distant future. One difference between the two apostolic visions was that Paul's vision centered on the majestic riches of the eternal kingdom ruled by the glorified King of Kings - the glorification of Jesus Christ and His bride - the church (yes, destined for the throne!) while John's was thematically focused on the church persecution inflicted by the enemy Satan and thence the final majestic victory by God over Satan and sin - its cosmic power, effects, and presence in the universe we are trapped in.

Who amongst us can even remotely comprehend the psalmist's phrase, “but little less than God.” Psalm 8:5. This sliver of truth should forever keep us humble and ever inspired to overcome all the pain, suffering, tears, and trials that we will all encounter during our sojourning on earth. We will someday get our rightful place in the sun indeed, whatever kind of “sun” that that maybe. Scriptures reveal that Jesus Christ will be so bright in the new paradise, that there will be no more need for a sun in our midst. Just Him.

Scripture references:

Ephesians 1:18

Psalm 8:5


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