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'Destination Truth' canceled by Syfy

Syfy cancels "Destination Truth"
Syfy cancels "Destination Truth"
Photos courtesy of Syfy

Adventurer Joshua Gates announced recently that his television show "Destination Truth" won't be returning for another season on the Syfy channel. Gates announced the news to fans on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Destination Truth" follows paranormal researcher Joshua Gates and a team of investigators as they explore various claims of paranormal activity throughout the world. On each case Gates and his team research local history, interview witnesses, conduct field investigations, and review footage for physical evidence.

Gates announced on March 27 that the show had officially been canceled by Syfy after five seasons. The network hasn't made a statement on why they're axing the show. Many paranormal enthusiasts consider the show to be one of the best paranormal series on television. During the hiatus of the series, Gates, the show's host and producer worked on "Stranded" which is another Syfy paranormal series. "Stranded" was subsequently canceled after only six episodes.

Fans of "Destination Truth" are very upset that their favorite show won't be returning for a sixth season. Some of them are worried that other popular paranormal programs on Syfy are in jeopardy as well. Last year demonologist John Zaffis' show "Haunted Collector" was canceled after three seasons. Fans are speculating that "Deep South Paranormal" won't return for a second season. Jack Osbourne's "Haunted Highway" second season premiere was also pushed back and is rumored to have been canceled as well.

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