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Destination Cat Island: Serenity now

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There’s only a single road on Cat Island, the seldom visited gem of the Western Caribbean. Yet every now and then you’ll see a small path, only big enough for two or three people standing shoulder to shoulder, beckoning the more adventurous to explore. The bushes scrape against the sides of the rental car and, with nothing but lush plant life in sight, you begin to wonder if this path leads anywhere at all. Suddenly, you catch the smell and sound of the cool Atlantic waters. The path opens up to a sandy ridge where the native fishermen leave their boats; some scattered crayfish shells reveal their prey. Your reward for the expedition: absolute seclusion. Standing here on this trail to tranquility, I couldn’t help but hope that this paradise lives unchanged forever.

Few people know there is a place called Cat Island. If they do they often wonder how many cats are actually there. I assure you that kittens have nothing to do with this wonderful destination. It was actually named after Arthur Catt, a pirate who found the island an ideal location to bury treasure. Today the island is host to the tallest peak in the Bahamas, some the world’s most beautiful beaches, and possibly, the friendliest inhabitants on the planet.

Seeking out a home away from home here is well worth the effort. You’ll find it affordable and life-changing. If you’re looking for a place to stay try Pigeon Cay Beach Club. The owner, Leslie, will welcome you to the island with a gourmet Bahamian dinner, a gorgeous private beach, and a beach bungalow with a full kitchen and complimentary ocean-bound sporting gear.