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Desserts and beverages tempt the tastebuds at Antojitos at Universal Orlando

Some of the dessert and drink selections at Antojitos on CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.
Some of the dessert and drink selections at Antojitos on CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.
Barb Nefer

Antojitos, the new Mexican restaurant on CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort, has some wonderful appetizers and main courses, as you can see if you jump to this article. However, the menu is very well-rounded, so be sure to save some room for dessert. You'll also love the drinks, whether you indulge in adult beverages or go for the non-alcoholic variety.

When I attended the media dinner for the Antojitos grand opening, I was treated to a sampling of all their wonderful drinks. The pours were generous and the flavor combinations were intriguing. I can honestly say I enjoyed them all, but here are the standouts (you can also see photos in the accompanying slideshow):

Alcoholic Beverages

CityWalk is known as a party spot, and while Antojitos is certainly very suitable for families, it's also a spot to get some great adult beverages. I enjoyed them all, but I'll admit that one in particular won my heart. It's called Highway to Heaven, and it's reminiscent of a Mudslide. It can easily be your dessert in a cup, as it's made with Patron Cafe XO Liquer, Patron XO Cafe, dark cocoa, cinnamon syrup and whipped cream. There's literally no way that can go wrong.

Since I'm big on cinnamon, I was also thrilled with the Big Apple in Mexico, which combines the spice with Cazadores Reposado tequila, apple juice, and lime juice. Lime lovers will also go for the Handsome George, a yummy concoction of Casamigos tequila, Del Maguey Mezcal Vida, Cointreau agave nectar, and lime juice.

There are several other drinks, but Antojitos wouldn't be an authentic Mexican restaurant without the obligatory margarita...and what a margarita it is! It's called the Antorita, and it's made with 100 percent Corazon Blue Agave Tequila, Cointreau, Gran Gala, fresh lime, and nectar juice. It was truly among the best margaritas I've ever tasted. I'd love to see the restaurant come up with some flavored versions.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

I was very excited about two things among the non-alcoholic beverages. First, I was thrilled to hear the Antojitos offers aguas frescas, which translates to "fresh waters" and refers to delicious fresh fruit beverages. You normally only find them in the most authentic Mexican restaurants. I typically get them at El Tenampa in Kissimmee, where they're served out of big jugs with the fresh fruit floating in flavors like watermelon, guava, and mango. I also love horchata, which typically has a sort of vanilla/cinnamon taste, and that was being served at Antojitos, too. They even had a tamarind agua fresca, which is one of my particular favorites.

The second great thing was the fact that you can get bottled soda, like Fanta and Coca-Cola, that comes from Mexico. Why is that important? Because it means the soda is made with real sugar. I stopped drinking soda when companies made the switch to corn syrup because the taste is noticeably different. It was nice to get a real old-fashioned sugar buzz.


The slideshow also includes three desserts, but the photos don't do them justice. They were all delicious, but I have to give special props to the coffee creme brulee and churros. Who doesn't love a churro? And if you want to be instantly transported to Heaven, take that churro and dip it into a coffee-flavored cream-custard concoction. The coffee creme brulee would easily stand on its own, but the churro added a wonderful, whimsical touch.

The food and drinks are obviously the big draws here, but the restaurant itself is a fun place to visit. Jump to this article for a peek inside. If you'd like to see the mariachi band, go here. To see the free customized souvenirs for diners, go here.

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