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Despite penalty from referee, Kyung Ho Kang beats opponent at UFC Fight Night 34

Kyung Ho Kang beats Shunichi Shimizu.

Kyung Ho Kang fought Shunichi Shimizu at UFC Fight Night 34 on January 4, 2013 in Singapore. Despite establishing himself the superior fighter that night, Kang was in a dire situation in his match against Shimizu because of a call made by referee Steve Perceval.

Winless in his two previous fights, Kang badly needed a victory. After signing with the UFC, Kang made his debut against Alex Caceres. In their fight, Kang used his grappling to dominate Caceres for two rounds. Kang faded in the third round but seemed to have done enough to beat Caceres. However, Caceres got the judges' decision, and many questioned the decision, which was overturned after it was revealed that Caceres failed a drug test. In Kang's second fight, Kang outwrestled his opponent, Chico Camus, again. The judges, however, thought Camus stole the third round and fight, similar to how the judges in the Caceres fight thought Caceres won, and awarded the fight to Camus.

In his match at UFC Fight Night 34, Kang's enemy was the referee, not the judges. Kang used his grappling to dominate Shimizu. Kang seemed to be on the verge of submitting Shimizu with a triangle choke, but Shimizu would not give up. Kang switched back and forth between a triangle choke and armbar. When Kang used elbows to soften up Shimizu, referee Perceval separated the two fighters and deducted two points from Kang. Kang lost the advantageous position from which he was fighting and was forced to continue fighting his opponent on the feet.

Former UFC fighter and commentator Brian Stann commented on the harsh penalty imposed by Perceval. Stann said that Kang must finish the fight to win.

In the second round, Kang continued to dominate the fight with his grappling, and Kang also dominated the third round. Although Kang may have won the fight without a finish, Kang mounted Shimizu and locked in an arm triangle choke, to which Shimizu immediately tapped.

People in the Inland Empire were able to watch UFC Fight Night 34 on UFC Fight Pass, which is available for free until the end of February. UFC fans can sign up for UFC Fight Pass on the official UFC website and have access to many UFC fights.

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