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Despite lithium "discovery," Afghanistan remains unwinnable



  • Gerry 6 years ago

    All this hype and hooplah, death and deception, to bring a pipeline from Southern Russia to the Gulf of Arabia. I'm not sure the Afghan people could ever survive that much wealth.

  • Joe 6 years ago

    well, looks like there may be a silver lining here....Lithium is the key to keeping the world from going OFF....maybe the gods/Gods of the universe are trying to tell us something....BALANCE. Equilibrium for this troubled planet is the key and Lithium is a key element, trace mineral/salt, in this depression relief for the world through Afghanistan...ironic...the same country that claimed the life of Alexander the Great, destroyed the red Russian army 20 years ago...maybe there will be some good coming out of that part of the world after all...
    i believe the US military calls these operations as "low intensity conflict"...these wars keep the juggernaut of the US military industrial complex purring is what it is. the US is a country that is run by corporations and some of the most powerful/wealthiest are in the business of war....
    the US is not going to leave Iraq or Afghanistan anytime soon. Iraq is run by it in Israel or USA,AIPAC

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