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Despite being neglected and unwanted, elderly dog is still friendly

An elderly dog, estimated to be between 12 and 15 years of age, is urgently in need of a safe place to go. The dog, named "Godfrey," is currently being held at the Animal Control of West Florida in Chipley.

Godfrey needs to be rescued or adopted
Via Facebook
Via Facebook

According to the description of this facility on, animals are provided with just eight days to find a rescue or adopter before they are put down.

Godfrey's body hints at a sad former life. His Petfinder biography reads:

NEGLECTED ELDER ALERT!* Godfrey is a 12 to 15 year old neutered male white american bulldog mix, about 45 pounds. He has severe skin irritation and hair loss from an undiagnosed skin condition.

Despite his advanced age and poor condition he is a happy and active boy, good on a leash, friendly and well mannered. Godfrey deserves to spend the time he has left in comfort and surrounded with love.

He has a strong will to live and may have more time to spend with you than you might imagine.

This senior boy is in a bad situation - working against him are time, his age, and an undiagnosed skin condition. However, he does have his friendly personality and love for life in his favor.

Please take a moment to network on Godfrey's life - he deserves to spend the last portion of his life in the company of someone who wants nothing more than to show him what it means to be loved.


  • Petfinder link for Godfrey here
  • American Bulldog Mix • Senior • Male • Medium
  • Animal Control of West Florida
    686 Highway 90, Chipley, FL 32428
  • Phone: 850-638-2082
  • Facebook thread here

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