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Desperate women and dysfunctional relationships

How should a woman carry herself, when her desire is to have a husband who loves her as CHRIST loves the church; respect her as a lady, and protect her like she is precious? What is the new definition of a lady? Does it line up with the WORD?

Is the man of GOD looking for a woman who is exposing her body; talking loud and cussing up a storm? Is a godly respectable man looking for a woman who will lay down with men; drink much and pray little? Is the loose/loud/partying woman, the new standard for a man who is working; responsible; respectable; honest; godly; prayerful; faith-filled; strong and yet humble? No.

A man, who has been groomed by GOD, will be given a woman who has been chosen by GOD. To the women who are saying that there are no good men out here, it is not true. To the women who believe they have to offer their bodies to men who don’t respect them enough to marry them; learn to respect yourself, or no one else will. To the women who are having kids to keep a man; it won’t work. To the women who are selling their bodies for dinner and a movie, don’t expect your daughters to grow up any different.

To the women who want to be treated like a lady; but carry themselves like a gangster; you must change, or your situation never will. So how should a woman carry herself, when her desire is to have a husband who loves her as CHRIST loves the church? The answer is in Proverbs 31, beginning in verse 10. The WORD never changes, so this standard never changes. While you are waiting for GOD to send you a husband, make sure that you becoming the woman who is compatible with the godly man you desire; otherwise you would be unequally yoked together.

Women stop looking for a man; he will find you, if he is the one for you. Carry yourself like a lady; and you will be treated like a lady. A desperate woman goes to drastic means, only to settle for a dysfunctional relationship. Esther spent time preparing for the king. Spend your time getting prepared…..for your king.

"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Proverbs 31:10

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