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Desperate situation for 20 stray dogs whose caregiver lost his job and must move

These dogs, along with many more, need rescue
Facebook: Girard dogs in danger

This article is a plea for help from Samantha Holton, Founder and Director of Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc., located in Girard, Georgia. The Facebook: Shelter dogs in danger page posted the situation on March 9.

A kind man has been caring for around 20 stray dogs who showed up at a dumpster next to his home over the past several years. He was recently fired from his position as caretaker at a peanut farm in Girard, Georgia. He always did the best he could, putting food and water out for the dogs.

Because of his small paycheck, the man was unable to afford vetting for the dogs.

The man, who has no way to support himself or the dogs, has until March 21 to leave the property. After that time, Samantha is afraid what the owner of the property will have done with the dogs.

Samantha went out over the weekend to check on the dogs, and was surprised what good health they were in. There were only a few skinny ones in the group. Samantha described the ones she removed from the property because they were in need of care

"Many are Shepherd mix's and absolutely beautiful! A couple of the older ones seemed protective of the property, but allowed me to approach the litter of Australian mix Cattle Dog puppies to get them and put them into a crate in my truck! I could not leave them there. There are seven of these, and they are only eight weeks old. They were cold and huddled together under a makeshift dog house, which was nothing more than a few pieces of ply wood half buried in the ground. They were skinny, wet and shivering."

Samantha brought the puppies home with her, bathed and wormed them and started the sick ones on Penicillin. Five out of the seven puppies were too sick to eat, and they weigh less than five pounds, despite being two months old.

One of the puppies, a solid black furball, didn't survive the night. All are being given sub-q fluids for dehydration.

The mother of the puppies, Samantha was told, was shot by a neighbor. She survived, but is still at the caregiver's home and is in need of medical attention. Samantha is full up with her rescue, and simply had no more room to take her in.

There are also seven dogs, all between one and three years old, who have spent their entire lives inside a makeshift pen. Despite that, they are very friendly. Their caregiver keeps them penned because one neighbor would shoot them, and another would use them as bait dogs.

Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc. has a website here, where you can donate towards their care.

Girard is a very small community in Burke County, and has no animal control. This is also a situation that doesn't need to go on Craigslist, because there's too great a chance someone would claim the dogs to use as bait dogs.

Please share these dogs with friends in the rescue world, especially those in the East Georgia area. Samantha can be reached at 706-871-8273.

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