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Desperate search underway for deployed soldier's lost German shepherd

On the afternoon of July 28, a German shepherd who belongs to a deployed U.S. Army soldier, disappeared in Crownsville, Md. The dog, named "Zara" was in the care of her pet sitter at the time and prior to vanishing, the pair had been enjoying a game of fetch.

Lost dog, Zara
Contributed photo
Missing dog, Zara
Contributed photo

On Monday morning, the soldier's sister, Sarah Melton, provided the following details about Zara's disappearance to the National Dog News Examiner:

The sitter stopped at where Chesterfield Road and St Stephens Church Road meet in Crownsville MD. They were playing fetch and she threw the ball told her to go get it and Zara kept running and went over a hill and Ashley lost her. The sitter Ashley said she went after her and called her and she didn't come back. Everyone including Ashley that know Zara said that's NOT like her.

Despite an intensive search, including the help of DogsFindingDogs (which turned up no leads or possible scents), Zara has not been spotted anywhere. At the time that she disappeared, she was wearing a pink embroidered collar which reads: ZARA 443.995.0633.

At this point in time, it is unclear whether Zara is simply lost, or if she might have been stolen. The need to find Zara is great - her guardian, Jon, who is currently overseas, is returning home at the end of this week.

Specific details about the missing dog provided by Melton:

She is micro chipped. She is tall and petite and has white on her chest. Friendly but can be shy. She is fixed. But the information on the microchip is all of Jon's (owner) which since he is over seas in the Army is disconnected as of right now.

Anyone who has information about Zara is asked to call 410.215.1809 or 443.249.5350 or send an email to:

Follow the search for Zara at this Facebook page.

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