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Desperate search to find special needs cat lost in Oregon woods

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A beloved special needs cat is missing in the woods of Oregon - and her family needs your help to locate her and bring her home. On July 19, a black cat named Solo went camping with her family, including her special needs feline sibling Gizzmo, at the Detroit Lake Campground in Oregon. Solo and Gizzmo are known from the Facebook page Gizzmo the Super Kitty, which details their adventures with their family.

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On July 21, Solo's family discovered that she was missing from the tent - and they immediately started a search for their missing cat. The search soon included one dozen volunteers and all available park rangers.

As rain came down in the Oregon forest, the search for Solo carried on into the night. Her family put up extra lights around the tent and continued to look for her in the nearby forest.

Despite the exhaustive search, Solo's family couldn't find the missing cat, and on July 22, the Facebook page Gizzmo the Super Kitty announced that Solo's family had to leave the campsite without her. The post, written in the voice of Gizzmo, stated: "Da hardest ting me eber done. Me leave da camp widget no Solo Bug. Me wave into da woods an mews, me lubs youz Solo.. me cry now."

Solo's Dad, Eric Nickell, was on his way to the site this morning to continue the search for his missing cat. "I'm taking more traps up there today. Her story has blown up on Facebook, but we really need to continue to get the word out," he stated today.

The search for this missing cat is particularly urgent because she has special needs. Solo has a condition commonly called “wobbly cat syndrome” or Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a neurological disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed. CH has various causes, including bacterial or viral infections and feline panleukopenia (which is caused by feline parvovirus), poisoning, injury, or malnutrition.

Some common symptoms of CH are jerky movement, wobbly or uncoordinated walking, and head bobbing.While there is no cure for CH, it neither gets better nor worse. A kitten will learn to compensate for his or her condition and will have a normal lifespan. As a result of her condition, Solo hops like a rabbit when she walks and she is unable to climb.

Solo's family continues to search for her. PAWS has donated traps to help catch the missing cat and according to Gizzmo the Super Kitty, the Mayor of the town even set up the first trap yesterday.

Please share this story to help this missing cat come home. If you see Solo, call the park rangers at Detroit Lake Campground or call her Dad, Eric, at 971 275 3807.