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Desperate plea for Little Moma waiting at high kill California shelter

UPDATE: Moma is safe. She was adopted today and will be living with her new mom. Thank you everyone for sharing her story, for donating, and for volunteering to make a difference in the desperate plight of these beautiful dogs.

Little Moma waits in a kennel for someone to help.
Pit a Boo

Owner surrender dogs often have slim chances of finding homes, but when a two-year-old blue and white pit bull terrier just wants to be scratched, loved, and rescued as she patiently waits in Shelter #88 at the San Bernardino City Animal Control, her desperate plea to live must be shared with animal rescuers and humane advocates across the nation.

Meet Little Moma, (#A460565) and watch her video. Watch the volunteer judge Little Moma's initial reactions, and watch as the moments go by and this adorable pooch inches her nose under the kennel bars to be tenderly petted by a soft human hand.

Volunteers report this dog as calm, sweet, and mellow, however she likes to choose her own canine pals.

This youngster was surrendered on January 30; her "outtake" was scheduled for February 6. Tragically Little Moma may never walk out the front door.

Please share this dog's story with your friends, relatives, and coworkers. Little Moma has less than 250 shares.

Follow her Facebook thread where donations have been pledged for a reputable organization to procure her "walking papers." Please click here for the latest information.

Hundreds of thousands of animal lovers reached out to Chelsea, the white pittie who turned her back to the world. Her fate had been doomed, and her life was saved because everyone shared her story. Please do the same for Little Moma. She sits and waits with her life hanging by a thread at the same shelter as did Chelsea.

Please make sure to view Little Moma's initial video. It is heartwarming. As of Thursday, this dog is shutting down emotionally and already getting sick.

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