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Desperate dog in Long Island has never tasted freedom: Stress taking toll

Ginger needs a home. She is losing her will to live.
Desperate Dogs of Long Island

Ginger is emotionally suffering from the isolation of living in a kennel. The two-and-a-half-year-old boxer mix paces and licks; she has been boarded for two years, ever since having been rescued from a high kill shelter in New York.

Now she spends her days at a boarding facility. Volunteers do come to visit and help to exercise and socialize with Ginger, but every evening they leave; Ginger is alone.

Dogs are pack animals and are not content when made to live by themselves. As dogs develop a high social awareness of other dogs or humans, they quickly learn to coordinate and compromise; thus forming bonds of trust and emotional well-being.

Unfortunately in Ginger's case, where it has been determined she does not do well with other animals, her only chance at having a family is to be placed in a home where she is the only pet. Her caretakers also insist that Ginger be placed no more than five hours driving distance away from Long Island should circumstances ever require Ginger to be returned.

Meanwhile this dog suffers in silence. Ginger has never romped in her own fenced-in yard, never had the thrill of a fun car ride, nor has she walked along the beach as the sun sets off to the west.

Tragically her photo has been shared 25,000 times across social media, and no one has yet to step forward for Ginger. If you can help by sharing her story to more friends, relatives or coworkers, perhaps the perfect human companion will be found.

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