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Desmond Hague CEO resigns: Kicking a dog bites back hard in public pressure

Desmond Hague, the CEO of Connecticut based Centerplate, has resigned. This is the man who kicked his dog repeatedly inside an elevator where he thought no one else could see this inhumane behavior, but they did. According to Tech News on Sept. 2, Hague turned in his resignation today.

Desmond Hague, the Connecticut CEO who was caught on camera kicking his dog in the elevator has resigned after massive outrage for this behavior.
YouTube screen shot

What he didn’t count on when he was behind closed doors inflicting kicks on his dog Sade, was someone reviewing the elevator surveillance tape. Not only was it reviewed by an employee of the hotel where this took place, but it was also posted on YouTube, reports MSN News.

It didn’t take long for people to become so outraged that a boycott of his company was called for if his company didn’t fired him. A petition with over 150,000 names was going strong on asking for Centerplate to fire this man.

Besides kicking the dog, he lifted the defenseless animal into the air by his leash, chocking him when doing so. Hague also reported that the dog belonged to a friend, but the Humane Society traced the dog back to the CEO, so the dog was taken away from him.

Centerplate is a company that stocks the concession stands for some of the nation’s biggest venues. Their products go to stadiums and big events, so keeping up a good public appearance is only in their best interest.

An original attempt at damage control had the company directing Hague to start a charity with $100,000 of his own money that cares for abused animals. He was to call the charity "Sage," which is the name of the dog that he was seen repeatedly kicking in the elevator. He was also ordered by Centerplate to do 1000 hours of community service at an agency that cares for animals who have been abandoned and abused.

The damage control was topped with Hague put on suspension over this animal cruelty event. This wasn’t enough for the true animal lovers out there, they wanted him fired. The company themselves put out an apology statement saying that they do not condone this behavior.

Hague's apology said that he wasn't at all like the man seen in the elevator. He was angered over the way the dog had behaved and he saw the error in his ways and was truly sorry, he conveyed.

In the end Hague resigned, but it is not known if this was on his own accord or at the urging of the Centerplate management. The video that has gone viral online is posted above.

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