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Desktop Computers are a thing of the past!

desktop computer
desktop computer

Today. many computer users have a laptop computer sitting on their desk, replacing the big, bulky desktop computer of the past. We all had to use this computer for work and play, but as the days past, computers have gotten smaller, faster and better. But could we really get rid of the dask top computer, and use the laptop computer to take up the job? Before you answer that question, look at your computer and think for a moment. This computer did work fine and still does, so should i really get rid of it?

For you space saving people out there, this could be very helpful, I mean, who wants a big gray box taking up so much room, then to have a small, slim, laptop to take less space? But for the gamers out there, a desktop is the only answer. You have to replace your hardware to play a new pc game, laptops have a line with that. And laptops do run on a battery, so watch that power bar. There are laptops that meets your gaming needs, one downside to this is the price range is set too high.

So before you throw away your old gray box( desktop computer), make sure you really dont need it anymore. And if there is very impotant data into your hard disk, save it, and smash it with a hammer. There is a software out there use by hackers to gain your data, and mess up your llife. This rule go's for all the computers out there, and dont think if you use a software to wipe data of your hard disk means it really did it. There is a section on a hard disk where it stores deleted data, why do you think police tell people in a crime site, not to touch a computer?