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Desk top wood shelf

Here’s a DIY way to quickly make a desk top wood shelf that can be easily disassembled, can match any décor and is inexpensive.

A DIY way to quickly make a desk top wood shelf.  Be sure and see the article for details.
A DIY way to quickly make a desk top wood shelf. Be sure and see the article for details.
J Carter Howald
Marbles come in a variety of sizes and colors.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Materials needed:

· 2 decorative glass blocks 3 x 6 x 6 (nominal)

· 1 pine or hardwood pre-cut wood shelf S4S-1 x 6 x 24”-36” (length as desired per desk top)

· 1 can of flat or gloss spray paint

· 1 lot of round glass marbles to fit in hole in glass blocks


1. DIY-Measure desk top for length of wood shelf (24” or 36”)

2. Choose desired color of wood shelf, select paint to match wood shelf color

3. Select clear glass blocks with hole in center of one edge of glass blocks

4. Select desired colored marbles to room decor, sized less than diameter of hole in glass blocks

5. DIY Spray paint wood shelf all sides

6. Fill decorative glass blocks (DIY) with marbles and replace plastic plug in block holes.

7. Place glass blocks on desk top spaced distance apart equal to length of 24” or 36” painted wood shelf.

8. Lay painted wood shelf on top of glass blocks, adjusting wood shelf and glass blocks so ends line up. See slide show for elevation of wood shelf/glass blocks. Note: No glue or securement of shelf is required. Shelf is easily DIY relocated by simply placing blocks in new locations.


· Purchase wood shelf as S4S (surfaced 4 sides) piece from big box store, these are finished wood pieces requiring no sanding and are ready for painting.

· Be sure decorative glass blocks are of same clear color (some blocks of different manufacturers have a bluish or green tint instead of clear glass).

· Hint: Spray paint wood shelf outside on non-windy, sunny day for fast drying, usually within one hour.

· Careful! Glass blocks are heavy when dropped on shin! (as the author experienced).

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