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Desiree Jennings caught faking her so-called vaccine-induced neurological problems


  • Larry 5 years ago

    Wouldn't be the first time antivacciners lie, would it?

  • De 5 years ago

    She makes me sick. All the people that are truly ill, truly have dystonia are being discreditied. Not to mention those who do suffer from psychological problems will now be compared to her. Ugh.

  • Tamik 5 years ago

    Guillane Barre Syndrome is curable with in a year,do your research before looking like a fool.

  • Tamik 5 years ago

    Never mind. I'm the fool... Bitch obviously don't have Guillain-Barre, which I looked like a fool by misspelling and then acting all knowledgeable about it. Peace.

  • Profile picture of brainfan
    brainfan 4 years ago

    Good Lord. Why do we have to have so many gullible idiots with no capacity for logic posing as journalists?

    A brief retort since Examiner sees fit to use character limits, limiting the value of rebuttals:

    Psychogenic conditions are no more easily understood than Desiree's condition.

    "Desiree Jennings seemed to be one such case.”
    Which medical authority has done the direct work-up required to diagnosis this woman?
    “although her physicians’ reports indicated that her symptoms were not true dystonia, but rather a psychogenic condition.”

    “True dystonia.” We're talking medical semantics here because her condition is poorly understood. And which of HER physicians claimed it was psychogenic?
    "Experts in medicine in general and neurology in particular all agreed, without question, that something was amiss.”

    You mean experts who have not evaluated her? You really mean the medical experts who were willing to prostitute their professionalism for a bit of fame.

    “Here is what true dystonia looks like”

    Do you believe that all of a sudden we've reached a point in human history when every single disease process that can possibly afflict the human body is now known and we have complete knowledge of them?

    “. . . not even autism looks like that”? What does autism have to do with it?

  • Profile picture of brainfan
    brainfan 4 years ago

    “Dr. Buttar has been criticized . . .”

    1. A person has a medical problem that cannot be helped or cured with mainstream medicine.
    2. In desperation, she is willing to give alternative treatments a shot.
    3. Some of these therapists have been ALLEGED to have used unproven practices.
    4. This proves the condition is phony.
    This is some pretty poor logic here. And keep this in mind: the British Journal of Medicine has been studying standard medical procedures. Out of the 2,500 they've studies so far, 51% have unknown efficacy.

    “Remember, her “condition” was brought about my 15 micrograms (0.00015 grams) of flu vaccine.”

    You put “condition” in quotes when you yourself acknowledged at the beginning of the article that even if hers is a psychogenic condition, it is still a real condition. And what relevance does the number of grams of flu vaccine have? You do understand that different substances will have different effects at differing doses, don't you?

    “Yes, you read that correctly.”

    So, you don't really know why this is a problem since you're not going to explain WHY it's a problem.

    “ . . . in an attempt to stimulate her own immune system against, well, herself.”

    Uh . . . ever hear of autoimmune diseases?

    “It is one of Dr. Buttar’s favorite “treatments”.”

    Now you put “treatments” in quotes. Is this not this physician's way of treating the patient?

  • Profile picture of brainfan
    brainfan 4 years ago

    “Someone in that video is lying,”


    “and it is not the Inside Edition people. It's not Dr. Novella, either.”

    How do you know? Ever hear of lies of omission? These people are choosing limited facts and omitting others. Inside Edition is looking for a story. Steven Novella is a known denier of conditions he chooses not to learn about.

    “The sad thing about this case is that Ms. Jennings may have discouraged someone from receiving the flu vaccine.”

    Oh heaven forbid.

    “Why she did it is a mystery that can only be speculated.”

    Speculation indeed. Your entire article is ignorant speculation.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Brainfan = mad

    Lol @ you for wasting the time it took to write those three responses.

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