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Desire and existence

Desire and existence...
Desire and existence...
John Pozadzides

"The inner desire to know the universe wills to create."

Why are you here?  What do you desire? What are we trying to learn about ourselves?  Are we here to grow and learn, or just to live in accordance with nature?

We would not have arrived at this present moment had we not previously, on some level, desired to be here today.  This desire, wills to create our lives and the experiences that make it what it is.    

Like for example, for whatever reason, you were motivated to read this article.  Maybe the picture of the half naked female football team caught your attention.  Maybe the title "Desire and existence" attracted your attention; whether you consciously, or unconsciously desire something for your life.  Or, maybe you are reading this because you subscribe to my articles and enjoy reading and supporting this work.  Either way, past events are dictating your experience of the present.  

Like subscribing to these articles, we subscribe to many things in our lives.  Sometimes we consciously choose to.  LIke when we signed the contract to start a job, we made a decision to work for a certain amount of time with certain expectations about the job.  Sometimes we get what we expect and the job runs smoothly.  Sometimes, more often than we would like thanks to Murphy and his law, the unexpected happens, over and over again, like a monsoon of unfortunate circumstance.  

Other times, we make decisions unconsciously.  At a time now forgotten, we may have signed contracts with ourselves.  Say, when we were eight years old and we experienced our first kiss, we vowed to marry such a wonderful person.  Or, at the same age, we committed to becoming an astronaut after watching the Apollo landing.  Whatever the reason, the memory is commonly long forgotten, but the desire is still very much felt.

What kinds of desires might you have? The most common desires are likely to be success, love, and money.  Some desire patience, strength, and wisdom.  Many thirst for knowledge and education.  The child in us (and most healthy brains) yearns for novel experiences to squelch any static form of boredom.  Our soul might long for a deep connection with meaning, or even a life that dances with the edges of ecstasy.  

Some questions to consider: Do your desires help or hurt your way of existence? Can your desires be fulfilled?  And be honest, is your method of fulfilling your desires a healthy and satisfying way to exist?

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