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Designing good-looking new personal transportation not easy

Learning 'morphing' from nature
Learning 'morphing' from nature
Daimler / BMW

“It’s not easy being green”; — you surely remember who used to sing that, if you had small children at the time.

Alternative transportation is the greening of personal mobility. For those of us who do not want to crank the pedals, a motorized two-wheeler –electric or petrol- might be the choice as an occasional commuting conveyance.

In the article of 2014 05 16 we had a look at some far out bicycles and motorcycles, this time the style of what is depicted under the link that follows, might be considered far out in the styling department by some purists.

His success in various ways notwithstanding, Arnold Schwarzenegger might not agree with his fellow-countryman that this is the way to go. Johannes Hammerschmid, the name almost as strange sounding as Aaanold’s, seems to take ‘body-building’ also to the extreme – but on a motorcycle.

One observer likened the vehicle to a horrified gastropod; — You be the judge.
Cheer up all the same, because at the Gizmag link you will find articles on the right side about an interesting new Honda bike and also from Yamaha an intriguing three- and a four-wheel motorcycle. – Yes a four-wheel motorbike.
As you know cars and bikes come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Let’s make it short, the shock will hopefully subside soon. And sincere apologies to the originators are in order, for every mother loves her child. This ‘little one’s’ performance and range, the mechanicals, and build-quality seem impeccable, even ingenious.

We are not denying that we might want one.

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